Tech Help: Opening XPS File On Windows?

Shakil asks:

So I received an email from my professor who sent several PDFs, DOCs and files ending with XPS extension. Now, I am familiar with PDF and DOC files, but I have no clue how to open an XPS file? What software should I use to read XPS files on my Windows computer? Please help!


First you should know that like every other file formats, XPS is also a popular document created by Microsoft. Yes, it’s from Microsoft.

Now, the problem is that you should have either Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed on your computer to be able to view the contents of an XPS file. If you don’t have these OS, not to worry — you can also find more info on the website below that explains how to read contents of XPS file on any computer and laptop.

When I first learned about this extension, I used the Microsoft Office tool. It was actually easy. You should try it too. First, double-click on the file. Next you will be asked if you want to open the document in Word.

If it doesn’t ask then you don’t have the software installed or you have a different operating system. The website above explains how to tackle this problem.

Additionally, Microsoft provides free add-on to open and print XPS files right from your desktop. You might want to learn how to open XPS files so that you can understand more about XPS files or go through Microsoft site for more info.

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See how to fix invalid IMEI number right now so that you can easily hide anyone from invading your privacy or finding out what you are up to.

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